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  1. For a good portion of his nearly century-long existence, Leo Dunne has been waiting and hoping to catch that one elusive scent that would bring love and joy to his life, the scent of the one person born just for him. When he caught scent of Ruby Halloway, saw her bent over a file cabinet in his company, he knew he wanted her desperately and thought she may be the one. Ruby, who has had a crush on Leo for ages, did what any shy girl would do when the object of her deepest desire focused on them..

  2. Dare to Believe by Dana Marie Bell is the first in “The Gray Court” series.
    This is the story of Leo Dunne and Ruby Halloway.
    3.5 stars

    Ruby has always had body issue and thinks she is unattractive. So when she see Leo Dunne the owner of the company she works at she quickly takes to hiding whenever he comes around. Ruby has a crush on Leo but she knows that he only dates blond model type women.

    Leo has been looking for his mate for years and years. When he starts going down the halls of his new

  3. This made for a pretty lame read

    I loved the idea with this story, but the characters just didn’t work for me. The heroine came across as so weak, and not only because she was shy. I tired of the juvenile terminology. “I double dog dare you” I mean, really???

    I found the plot to be incredibly cliché and overly preditable. The insta-love didn’t help matters.

    Also once the sex started it was beyond unrealistic. I love Bells ability to write smoking hot sex, but it just didn’t work for me. Perhaps be

  4. **** 3.5 double dog dare stars ****

    Great PRN story.

    I have found that I enjoy a shifter/PNR story. I had never given them much of a chance until lately. I love that mate for life and no other woman will do once they find their mate business. This had a great story and likeable characters.

    The writing was confusing at times because there was no separation between scenes. Once I figured out that the author would jump from character to character, I was able to follow along a bit better.

    No epilogue

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