5 thoughts on “Dancing Days (Helicon Muses, #1)

  1. It reads as if the author read a few facts about Greek Mythology and then decided to write a half-baked, very clich├ęd novel. From the beginning we are told, no less than seven times in about as many pages, that the protagonist’s over-bearing “boyfriend” has blue eyes, which immediately make him irresistible to any dumb girl. Not to mention his irresistible super powers that make him irresistible.

    The writing style was terribly ineffective. There were words showing up in the middle of sentences t

  2. 3.5 Stars
    (I read the omnibus version of this series, so my mid-read comments are over there)

    I really enjoyed the premise of this book and most of what happens; however, I definitely had a hard time with what felt like a character 180.

    In the mundane world (the world of humans), Owen seems like a nice guy who does things to protect Nora and try to find a way for them to get back to Helicon, the world of the muses. When they do get back to Helicon, he suddenly becomes this abusive, controlling ass

  3. I really loved this book, and am looking forward to the whole series. The world Chambers creates is so vibrant and nuanced. It’s every bit as complex and fun as the Harry Potter universe, except no one has to go to class, and is free to pursue whatever appeals to them. Definitely appealed to the free spirit in me! Particular favorites were her kitten/duck hybrids, and Sawyer, one of Nora’s best friends. It’s lighter than some of Chamber’s usual fare, so it’s appropriate for all ages, but it draw

  4. Sometimes you read a book that reminds you of all the good sides of Indie authors and self-publishing. Dancing Days was one of those books.

    It wasn’t perfect, but it was imaginative, clever and engaging. I adore any kind of mythology so this was a really cool take on some aspects of Greek mythology. And it didn’t feel like a rehash of a million other books like so many new books I read seem to be. I enjoyed this a lot. I’ll definitely be seeking out the next few books in the series.

  5. Manipulation and Mythology

    Note: My reviews on this book may contain spoilers. My reviews are my opinions based on how I feel about the book. I do not answer questions or respond to comments made in regards to my reviews.

    The books starts with two kids, Owen and Nora that are in foster care. Nora is bounced from home to home while Owen tries to find them a way back to their world of Helicon. Nora is a muse and Owen is the son of a God. He uses his powers t

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