5 thoughts on “Dances with Devils

  1. This is a must read! I would recommend this book to any person, but even more so if you are, like Pauw, South African.

    Pauw is well known in journalistic circles, and has won numerous awards. His book ‘Dances with Devils’ is his recounting of what he went through on his various journalistic missions. As a South African just about every chapter’s background was familiar to me. I distinctly remember some of the documentaries he refers to, having made an impression on me.

    What makes this book special

  2. Gritty, hardcore and simply astounding. Pauws book will blow you away.

    I was only introduced to his work about a year ago and then Walter suggested I also read his new book called Little Ice Cream Boy (most of the content for this book comes from Chapter 9 of Dances With Devils).

    If you looking for a read that will have you closing the book to catch your breath after each chapter, then this is for you.

    His reflections on the happenings in Rwanda and Sudan are a must read for those who want to kno

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