5 thoughts on “Crushed (The 39 Clues: Rapid Fire, #4)

  1. Crushed. The title really fits the story. Gosh, Ian! You’re such a coward and you worry too much! Yes, Ian Kabra just got crushed. Not only for letting his mother get away but also hurting Amy’s feelings wherein he felt the same way! **continues mumbling**
    On the brighter side, in this eBook it is revealed that (view spoiler)[ IAN LIKES AMY! XD XD XD (hide spoiler)]

  2. Well this book is too short to give a proper rating but AHH I SHIP AMY AND IAN SO HARD and the last part was just heartbreak ughhh stupid Isabel just run back to jail and let your son confess to Amy already D8

    But whoa confronting Isabel was just… unexpected. What was the point of her breaking into the Kabra’s house if all she did was to scare them? And from the description she didn’t even seem to expect Ian to discover her presence.


    Ah well plot twists are plot twists. I thought Ian’s dilemm

  3. I really enjoyed this book [well aside from the cover because that is totally not how I imagined Ian Kabra].

    *minor spoilers ahead*

    A heartbreaking one, specially for anyone who supports AmIan, and I love that ship so much it hurts… this book ‘crushed’ my freaking heart!

    Isabel just ruins everything, poor Ian. And Nellie kinda pissed me off a bit… I did not like it when she suggested Evan to Amy, no no no, I did not like it one bit!

    Anyways, I give it a five because even though AmIan did not get

  4. As a teenage girl, this is what I consider myself, despite the age that I truly am, I was yearning for something like this in The 39 Clues series: romance!

    I started reading them because of Rick Riordan and because I love history and I never pass up a chance to brush up my knowledge with books like these, but I completely fell for the whole Ian and Amy concept.

    I know that this isn’t one of the series main focus points and God forbid it should ever be. I mean it would take all the fun out of the a

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