3 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Fairies

  1. Cross Stitch Fairies has over 50 designs of fairies by 5 designers – Claire Crompton, Maria Diaz, Joan Elliott, Lucie Heaton and Lesley Teare.

    Joan Elliott has the first design which is a banner called Garden Fairies – this is a gorgeous design, full of colorful and cute fairies frolicking in the garden with the saying “There are Fairies at the Bottom of our Garden”. There are clear instructions to making it up as a banner.

    Next up are Birthday Fairies by Maria Diaz. These are gorgeous too, design

  2. Simple cross stitch patterns with easy instructions if you happen to be a beginner. This was a Christmas gift and I was pleased with the design options. Fairies for every season, alphabet letters, with notes and details on inspirational projects you can do. Cute and whimsical, I’m sure there are other ‘better’ books out there, but this one covers everything for me.

  3. While I prefered this book over Cross stitch angels, and there were a few designs that I didn’t mind, I’ve seen other “magical” pattern books that appeal to me more.

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