4 thoughts on “Critical Multicultural Analysis of Children’s Literature

  1. I use this textbook in my master’s level Literature for Children and Adolescents course. While I do not agree with the authors on every topic, this text really has helped my students move beyond nostalgia and simplistic means of selecting and evaluating kidlit for the classroom, lab, and/or library.

  2. The first 5 chapters were torture, even though the ideas are interesting. Chapters 6-10 were more interesting. This book would greatly benefit from more practical implications and explicit instructions for how to teach this type of analysis at various educational levels.

  3. Every teacher should read this book. Yes, it’s a textbook. Yes, it’s expensive. Yes, there are parts you have to skip because it’s too dense. BUT THIS IS A GREAT BOOK AND YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE THAT STUFF YOU DON’T KNOW!!!

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