5 thoughts on “Creepy (Creepy #1-3)

  1. What Goodreads has to say- From the #1 bestselling author of Reunion and Twisted Vengeance.
    ~ Listed with Goodreads Best Breakout Authors of 2011.

    Creepy is a collection of short stories, some fiction and some not that will send shivers down your spine!

    Creepy contains two of my favorite short-suspense stories (The Rumblin’ and Murdoch’s Eyes), but best of all, it includes some of my real life supernatural experiences…absolutely true ghoststories. I was around ten years old when I had my first su

  2. Creepy, by Jeff Bennington definitely lives up to it’s name! I’d suggest leaving the lights on while you read it!

    The collection consists of 2 fictional short stories, Murdoch’s Eyes and The Rumblin’ and 3 real life supernatural accounts that happened to Jeff himself. They are The Shadow Man, The Ghost Named Earl and Someone in the Basement. The true accounts are definitely chilling and will make you wonder what goes bump in the night. The fiction shorts are fast-paced, edge of your seat, thrill

  3. Jeff Bennington,s collection of Short stories “Creepy” ..just scary.. The Three eyewitness accounts he shares with us will leave you looking over your shoulder and give you goosies, Murdoch’s eyes was as scary as it was touching for the Monster who turns out to be the hero..very well done… I was particularly fond of The Rumblin’ maybe cause the wife’s name is “Dana” and one of the drops in my bucket list is to go RV-ing … gonna check the weather first though… And His True Story of The Shad

  4. I usually love ghost stories (my favorites are the ones involving history or mythology) but Creepy talks more about the author’s life than it does about the paranormal happenings.

  5. i thought this book was about short stories, its not. This book is gives you the first two chapters of books that you may or may not want to buy. those books i did not find scary or creepy. The cover is more creepy then the stories in the book. I wouldn’t waste my time or money on this, the thing is i bought creepy 2 thinking it was scary short stories and i am so disappointed. the two stars i give to it is for the cover of the book!

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