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  1. Cowboy Bad Boys” by Randi Alexander is a sizzling combination of ten erotic short stories that display the author’s talent at creating a complete tale within the constraints of a limited number of pages. Each vignette is a very different picture of the life of a cowboy combined with a hurdle that must be surmounted in order to achieve a delightfully passionate relationship. For me, the charm is discovering the different types of cowboys who range from rancher to Texas Ranger to bullrider or bull

  2. Randi Alexander has given us an awesome collection of Cowboys…hot sexy and erotic romantic short stories all in one book… each one with remarkable characters you will soon come to love…totally plausible situations…Each story is different events in a cowboy’s life…It was wonderful reading the stories of all the different types of cowboys..we have among them a rancher … a Texas Ranger… a bull rider a bullfighter..a Sheriff.. a vet..these are a fantastic collection of strong alpha mal

  3. Randi Alexander has written a smoking hot collection of ten short stories. If you’re a fan of hot cowboys, you really need to read Cowboy Bad Boys! I loved all of the stories and characters in this collection.

  4. One author writing ten quick stories can be either very bad or very good. The good stories tend to flush out the bad stories, and it makes the bad stories seem that much worse than they probably really are.

    Sure it’s a good way to showcase the author’s skills, but it can backfire. It was an ok read over all, but only two or three stories really stand out and memorable. The rest, I’d have to re-read the blurbs to remember what they were. Thankfully I made sure to write down a few words as I finish

  5. Looking for some delicious Bad Boy Cowboys???

    Well, this book is for you then. There are so many in this book, I could not even tell you who my favorite was or want to pick one…They are all awesome.

    As always Randi’s books are fun and super sexy.

    A great book full of short, sexy reads!

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