5 thoughts on “Cool Colleges

  1. If you know anyone who is approaching the decision of where to go to college, I HIGHLY recommend this book. Actually, for anyone, it’s great just learning about all the fascinating types of colleges there are out there. Of course, the best decision for most folks would be to go to a small Christian liberal arts college, but if you go anywhere else, you should check out the creative options Asher discusses. And he’s funny, too! Hilarous! I wish he’d write another book on colleges!

  2. Cool Colleges is probably one of the best college guide books out there. It’s funny, which means I don’t loose focus, and it has a very different take on colleges. While I didn’t apply to any of the colleges in this books, I did enjoy reading it, which pleased my mom to no end.

  3. This was a fun and different look at choosing a college. The author has a real sense of humor and along with interesting information, has included some very funny material. We didn’t find a LOT of new colleges to look at but did find some corroborating information.

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