5 thoughts on “Contentment Cove

  1. Miriam Colwell wrote this novel about a small town in coastal Maine, and the tensions between natives and “summer people,” during the 1950s, when she published a series of three novels about Down East life. The manuscript was set aside at the time, and only recently rediscovered and published by Islandport Press as part of a line of Maine classics. Colwell herself was from Prospect Harbor; she came to New York and mingled in literary and artistic circles before returning home to serve as postmis

  2. I didn’t like any of these characters at first and really felt like the story was going nowhere. I did end up getting more into the story but the plot was kind of all over the place, and some of the characters were still really obnoxious. I felt kind of like Colwell tried too hard and they were kind of over the top. I’m from Maine and have never met summer people as obnoxious as the Potters. Just saying.

  3. A wonderful portrait of life and the clash between social classes, as well as “townies” v. “summer people” in a coastal town in Maine in the 1950s. Very funny in parts, but ultimately tragic, and so real in the way people want to change, but nobody is really quite able to do so. It was a bit over-the-top at the end, but it worked for me. The book has an interesting history, too. Miriam Colwell wrote it in the 1950s (when she was writing other novels), then put it away for years and only recently

  4. The depiction of the characters in this book began to get on my nerves. The overdone personalities of the wealthy people from away was obnoxious and the sorry state of the women in this book was sickening. I couldn’t finish it.

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