5 thoughts on “Come Winter

  1. Well, they are at it again. Our three favorite little sociopaths, Sandy, David & Peter, last seen in Last Summer have returned five years later, to wreak havoc upon the slopes. Where Last Summer was something of a coming of age novel, this is more of an early adulthood reunion piece. Is it as raw, evocative or disturbing as it’s predecessor? No. But it remains loyal to the characters and voice of the original, allowing for a bit of maturity to have developed on the relationship of our three

  2. I enjoyed this story of three very nihilistic young people. The three seem to be lacking in most human feelings except for what they feel for each other. Their winter trip to Colorado (Somewhere) strictly for their own amusement at first, begins to tumble down into who can do the most shocking thing first. But they don’t want to commit murder, even though they probably want to see the Jewish doctor that adopts them die. It is not surprising frankly when he does die on the most challenging of slo

  3. On Come Winter

    As with many others, I found this book in my favorite thrift shop. It was just sitting there, with its intriguing cover, the description had ‘sex,’ ‘horror’ and ‘winter’ in it and I was already hooked. Of course, I didn’t immediately read it (when does that ever happen?) but it hasn’t been too long since I purchased it.

    To be honest, I started reading this piece due to the simple fact that after the giant that was A Short History of Nearly Everything, I needed a reading break. I n

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