4 thoughts on “Collector’s Set

  1. Stephen King Goes to the Movies
    1408 from Everything’s Eventual
    Children of the Corn from Night Shift re-read 1-21-2015
    Low Men in Yellow Coats from Hearts in Atlantis
    Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption from Different Seasons
    The Mangler from Night Shift re-read 1-9-2015
    Hearts in Atlantis

    The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon

    Everything’s Eventual

    Gerald’s Game

    “The Mist”
    Danse Macabre

  2. I’ve read the dreamcatcher, at first I didn’t feel it, when I reached the middle I was too attached to finish it, it gets to your heart, stright like that, and some phrases get stuck in you tongue for some time, you realize at the end it’s a very theoretical philosophical Novak. Vey

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