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  1. Two churches have burned to the ground in a small East Texas town. It’s arson, and Father Frank Deluca receives a clue during a parishioner’s confession. He’s bound to secrecy, but that doesn’t stop him from investigating himself. And there are several suspects: the newcomer in the black TransAm, a teenage addict, a man in a bar who says the churches deserved to burn.
    Father Frank is a character I’d like to know personally. I loved his grasp of human frailty and his struggle to always be an honor

  2. Churches are burning, a man is murdered and small-town priest Frank DeLuca is caught in the middle of it all – he has a good idea whodunit, but can’t tell police because he knows what he knows through the Sacrament of Reconciliation (f.k.a. confession). If he squeals, he’s out of a job and in conflict with his own core beliefs.

    Suspects include a mysterious, menacing newcomer, a whackjob who says the churches deserve to burn, a dropout who clocks Father Frank with a board and attempts to stab him

  3. A confession alerts a Catholic priest to the repetition of a crime that already has him concerned.

    An arsonist is targeting churches in his community and church law prevents Father Frank DeLuca from alerting police. But that doesn’t mean he can’t seek other means of action—even if it puts him on a collision course with a series of dangerous characters and subject to violence.

    The fires up to this point have all been at Baptist churches in his small Texas community. Still, Father Frank is ecumenica

  4. Cleansed by Fire: Author: James R. Callan

    Smoldering embers of ashes fill the air darkening the sky and float into the black clouds caused by the streaks of flashing red flames that radiate throughout the outer perimeter of what was a magnificent structure. Nostrils filled with the smell of sulfur, the sky and the night air lit up with orange and red flames spreading so fast, engulfing the structure and swallowing it whole leaving darkness and soot in its wake. As the arsonist enters the next vic

  5. This is a fairly predictable story and I would consider it a good beach read. Churches are burning in East Texas and Father Deluca becomes involved, when one of his parishioners confesses to knowing that there will be more fires. Father Frank narrows the suspect list down to four men in town. Frank’s dilemma is whether to tell the police what he knows, since he obtained the information in the confessional. I liked the characters and the story, even though I figured out the ending, way before the

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