5 thoughts on “Claiming Their Mate

  1. A book about werelions, I wanted to like it more than I did. In truth there wasn’t anything wrong with the story itself, but it ended so abruptly that I felt cheated. I kept thinking that there had to be a few more chapters that I missed somewhere. Another entry in the multiple-partners genre: as the oldest child of the ruling Leos of her Pride, Jules has to pick mates who will lead her Pride as well as her fathers did. The fact that she’s drawn to Luke and Gabe Beckett doesn’t mean she’s ready

  2. Paige McKellan’s “Claiming Their Mate” had all the hallmarks of a good shifter paranormal by my reckoning (strong alpha males, animals that aren’t currently overdone, not common area of the country) with the added spice of menage to round out the mix. It had really nice setup conflict at the opening and a great intro to the characters. For the most part the scenes were written well (I had a bit of trouble understanding the motivations in a few areas and the mechanics of a couple of the spicier s

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