5 thoughts on “Christmas Cookie Murder (A Lucy Stone Mystery, #6)

  1. Finally I can cross off the ‘book set during Christmas’ from my library’s reading challenge I’m participating in this year! I feel like I should’ve read one long ago, but for some reason I hadn’t. This book fit the bill!

    I really like Lucy, but as I’ve stated in many reviews I cannot stomach her husband. He is atrocious most of the time! I feel like all he does is want dinner, watch TV, and expect Lucy to fix him lunch. It’s frustrating, and I really wish he’d quietly exit the series, but as I kn

  2. As always, it is a pleasure to return to Tinker’s Cover and catch up with Lucy Stone once again.

    Christmas is fast approaching and Lucy finds herself offering to host an annual Christmas cookie exchange to keep the tradition alive. The cookie exchange just serves to emphasize the friction between the women at the exchange. Lucy is doing her best to keep peace among the group, especially when Tucker Whitney, a new young coworker of Lucy’s friend Sue at the childcare center shows up to the exchange

  3. An enjoyable earlier edition in the Lucy Stone mysteries.
    She seemed less in the loop in this particular mystery, she gathered tons of crime facts, which she doesn’t tie together until towards the end. This was great since I enjoy playing a role in solving mysteries. As usual, colorfully described characters with festive scenery, & a bit of comic relief along with real life drama.

  4. I am starting to really love this series. Lucy is a great character and I love reading about her cozy home and town surrounded by friends. She is nosy, but not annoyingly so and she gets a lot of information through her job with the local newspaper. I didn’t see the ending coming at all and was surprised when all the pieces came together. There is a heavy emphasis on underage drinking and drugs in this one, and it was interesting to see everyone’s different POVs about that. This is just a cozy p

  5. With too many things going on, Lucy Stone wanted to cancel the annual Christmas Cookie Exchange this year. She decided to go ahead with it once she realized how much the event meant to the other ladies in town, however, Lucy got way more then she bargained for!

    With Christmas just around the corner, the ladies of Tinker’s Cove were really looking for the Cookie Exchange. Nothing, however, would have prepared them for what was to come. With the murder of a fellow cookie exchange member,

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