5 thoughts on “Christlike Parenting

  1. I liked and didn’t like this book. There were some definite things about his logic that I didn’t agree with. For example he doesn’t agree with any type of coercion he thinks that natural consequences should apply. In the book he talks about a possible violent child, he doesn’t think that you should do anything but state that you will call the police if the child becomes violent and then only defend yourself and ask the child to go to his bedroom until he calms down. Well if the child becomes vio

  2. I have mixed feelings about this book. I almost need to read it again to reevaluate my first impressions of the it. I did not find it to be a completely engaging read. I found myself skimming some of the dialogue, which I found to be a little cheesy and unrealistic. I actually found myself chuckling as I read some of the scenarios and solutions and even found myself saying aloud a few times “This would never work!” However, imagine my surprise as I encorporated some of the ideas into my parentin

  3. Upon my first reading, I didn’t believe it would work. Simply be a better person, Christlike and smiling? Kindly repeat requests? Don’t wallow in my parenting mistakes? I gave it a go to see what might happen. And . .

    It transformed my parenting. It requires occasional re-reading. I can’t recommend highly enough. It has taught be to teach by values constantly and love, love, love. Thanks to my husband for the great gift.

  4. This is a scripturally based perspective of things I learned from Dr. Latham’s book The Power of Positive Parenting. They both teach good principles and techniques for parents and any person that interacts with any other person really. I’m always glad for the reminder and squirm when I come across my own bad habits illustrated in the book.

  5. BEST parenting book I’ve ever read. Gives you a completely new perspective and outlook on parenting and helps you relate to your children in a Christ-like manner. Appropriate for all ages, but espcially helpful for parents of teens.

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