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  1. “Christ in the Passover” is a Christ-focused, Biblical view of the Passover celebration. Using the Bible as their main source, the authors explained why Israel was chosen by God, the history leading up to the Passover, and the original commands from God on how to celebrate the Passover. They pointed out the parts of this celebration that we now know symbolize the death of Jesus the Messiah for our sins.

    Then they commented on how the Passover was celebrated up until Jesus’ time, the sights and so

  2. This is an excellent resource that I read nearly every Easter as our church gathers on Maundy Thursday for a Seder. The book is written with a Gentile audience in mind, but speaks also to Jews who may not have a firm understanding of the Passover celebration. Unfamiliar terms are defined as the book leads the reader through the history of Passover, the ancient Seder, the contemporary Seder, and finally shows how the Passover its story of redemption points to and ultimately finds fulfillment in J

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