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  1. Disclaimer: I received this book, for review, from one of the authors, Muthena Paul Alkazraji. The book may have cost me nothing but the price of reading it cost me a great deal. To read of the chaos of the collapse of Albania in 1997, to hear the stories of loss and fear was indeed heartbreaking. For me, a believer in the power and glory of Jesus Christ, the every day miracles of basic provision and the testimony of the growing faith of the people made me awe struck. To read of refugees, orphan

  2. They said…

    A trip out of the comfort zone

    ‘This book is a well written, inspirational account detailing what God can do through the lives of a man and a woman who are totally committed to him.

    It tells the story of how, after initial aid work among illegal Albanian refugees in the railway yards of Thessaloniki in Greece, Ian Loring and his Californian wife, Caralee, are led by God’s Spirit to take the gospel into Albania, following the collapse of the Communist regime in April 1991.

    The book cat

  3. I won this book through a goodreads first read’s contest.

    I did not know what to expect with this book. When I entered the giveaway I did not expect to win.

    War is not a topic that I tend to read about a great deal as it upsets me greatly and this book is no exception. (Not that the people upset me – just the situations…)

    I have not completed this book, but I wanted to post a review for the authors’ sake – I have had this book for a while and had not posted any feedback.

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