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  1. First of all, this book has some WONDERFUL lessons about humility, trust in God, selflessness, and what constitutes a really good gift!

    Second, this book is Christian fiction, and I don’t normally read Christian fiction. I AM a Christian, but I usually find this type of fiction annoying. The characters are usually too perfect or “perfectly flawed.” I don’t know if those books just don’t seem realistic to me or if they make me feel bad about myself because I’m not perfect.

    Lastly, this is definitel

  2. One girl sells the other a guitar and they seal their new friendship with a pair of chopsticks from a Chinese restaurant. The girls love music but their lives are very different.
    Paige Winsome has always been in the shadow of her athletic brother and her academic sister. She feels like she has to fight for attention in her affluent family and that her musical talents are overlooked.
    Kate Kennedy is an only child. Her father is a pastor but has to work a second job to make ends meet. Kate uses he

  3. I am impressed by Sandra Byrd so far. She has created a preteen novel that feels authentic, answering many of the questions of friendship: how is it born, how does it grow, and how can it survive selfishness? Byrd does a good job bringing in a Christian point of view as a natural part of the character’s lives. That’s most impressive, since Christian fiction at this age level is often forced and contrived.

    The only drawback I experienced was getting confused between who was talking. The POV shifts

  4. Chopstick is the second book in Sandra Byrd’s Friends for a Season Series. From the outside, it might seem like thirteen-year-old Paige has it all: a wealthy family, outgoing siblings, a beautiful home, and a great wardrobe. But Paige isn’t happy. She feels invisible. If only her family and friends could see how talented she was. When she sees the ad for the Worship Works contest, she knows she’s found the perfect way to let her gifts shine before others. Plus, the $400 prize is just what she ne

  5. This is probably my favorite book in the Friends for a Seaon series! I liked reading about two girls who became fast friends and were dedicated to sharing their honest feelings and no matter what, still being friends. I have a friend like that, and I am so glad. I think if more friendships had this attitude we’d be in a much better place.

    Also, the book shows that we should not try to tell God what to do, and we should also not judge other people. It does not turn out well. I also like that the b

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