3 thoughts on “Chili Pimping in Atlantic City

  1. One thing is for sure…I went to school on this one. I learned about “Chili Pimping”. The author takes you through a time, from a very young age to the present of how he became a “Chili Pimp”. The streets played a big role and the pimp game was what he strived to get into and, although small time, he did it. I was amazed at how at such a young age he wanted to be a pimp, how he admired the life they lead. I was especially amazed at the sexing and drug dealing he did at such a young age. Sex, drug

  2. I am Michael MICKMAN Gourdine My tax id # was 904062. My Shield # was 31187. I hope that people read my book and learn about what really goes on in N.Y.C. I must add that not all cops are corrupt, you have some excellent Men and Women who risk their lives every day for the greater good. I do not “Claim” to be anything one way or the other. I simply told my story as best I could without sending myself to prison for life. I never thought that people outside of N.Y.C..or people who weren’t cops wou

  3. For a book from someone who is claiming to be a small time pimp and is rated the 3rd most corrupt cop in the history of the nypd, it’s too much about pimping and too few of his years as a corrupt cop.

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