5 thoughts on “Cherish Your Name (Warder, #6)

  1. I was a little confused that the plot in the blurb, Malic’s memory loss, wasn’t actually the main plot of the book: it is 88 locations from 1982 locations total, or less than 10%. I didn’t mind to begin with, because the first part of the book was far more enjoyable, focusing on the tension between Dylan’s family and Malic, and Malic’s insecurity with his much-younger partner. This was great! However all this conflict was resolved by 26%, so some backstory and two sub-plots were introduced, one

  2. OKay– I’ve got a soft spot for the older guy, younger guy romance, and I love Malic and Dylan as an established couple. Dylan is young–and he makes the mistakes of youth–but he’s not a pushover, and he’s not weak and I love that. I loved seeing the other warders, and I loved the family at Christmas–I’m a sucker for that as well. Mary’s trademark fast pace and heated love scenes make this a fun, happy read:-)

  3. Jeez Mary! For a Christmas story you really had me worried there at the beginning!

    Knowing their story and giving me that start had me not feeling the Christmas Spirit at all!

    Luckily I knew you wouldn’t let me down! Not only did you bring the sweet and the hot you gave me demons too.

    I am guessing this is it for the series. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing. Pretty cool timing on my part to read the last of the series now and have it be a Christmas story.

  4. This book worked really well, for the most part. It was nice to see Malic and Dylan again and we got to see Malic adjusting to Dylan’s family, etc… But I didn’t think it worked as well as it could have. Firstly, with Dylan’s family and the way they treated Malic. I was close enough to pissed with them for most of this book and a change in attitude didn’t fix it. Honestly, I would have walked out if I had been Malic. It was just… ugh! And then we had Dylan.

    I was very shocked with Dylan’s trea

  5. It was great to get back to Dylan and Malic, the main characters of the second book. While all the others have some level of appearance, the story focuses around the two of them.

    A variation of the age gap issue appears when Dylan takes Malic home and the effect it has on Malic’s emotions is devastating. But that is just for starters. While Malic loves Dylan with all his heart, he still hasn’t really understood what he means to his lover. When he finally gets it, all seems set for a peaceful Chri

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