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  1. I chose this book both because I enjoy dog books and because I recently read Henry Ksor’s ‘What’s That Pig Outdoors’ so I felt it would be worth continuing my mini education on deaf culture. In fact, Ogden quotes from ‘What’s That Pig Outdoors’ when he compares lipreading to American Sign Language noting that he prefers ASL because of the difficulty lipreading depending on the speaker or phrase being spoken. What the meat of the book is about however, is how Ogden and his hard-of-hearing wife An

  2. I read this book because it was required for my sign language class in college. I really enjoyed it because I was able to understand a little more in depth what deaf people feel and what they go through. Paul is actually a professor at my school, Ca State University Fresno and I was surprised to have met him. I was taking a beginning sign language class when I met him so I wasn’t able to go into a real conversation with him. I wished to ask him about his book. It felt good to meet him. And no, I

  3. I enjoyed this book. It’s a good book for dog lover and/or for people who are involved in or are interested in the deaf community. Paul is the narrator and he does a good job explaining what happened to him with his dogs. The story and also teaches and explains about living a life of a deaf person and the challenges they face on a daily basis. With their signal dog, Chelsea, she makes their lives easier, funner, and helps them to feel safe when home alone.

  4. Not so much a book about the dog, as a book about hearing impaired people and the perception we may all have towards them. Chelsea is just great flavor for dog lovers.

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