5 thoughts on “Checkmate – The Baddest Chick

  1. Checkmate picks up with all the drama that Coca Kola left us with. Apple is trapped in the whorehouse waiting on Chico to hopefully rescue her, while being degraded more and more by the day. Even though I didn’t like Apple you couldn’t help but to feel sorry for her, with all that she was going through. Kola is still hurting from Cross’s betrayal, but still flooding the streets with product. Eduardo (Kola’s supplier) is still trying his best to get her to be his woman. Edge was up to his usual a

  2. Hmmmmm…I can’t quite decide if I’m happy with this book or if I’m disappointed. I think I’ll just straddle the fence. I don’t want to spoil it for those who have not read it, so I will just say that as always Nisa Santiago has delivered, but I don’t think it was (or any of the books to follow) will meet the standards set by Bad Apple. I think the storyline was brilliant, but there were some aspects of it that just don’t sit well with me, that I think should have been addressed. Stop reading no

  3. Man there was a lot going on in this installment! Kola took Edge out the game and Cross is in jail and Eduardo is out for revenge cause he thinks she hit his spot. Kola leaves town to regroup and find another connect. Turns out Cross was listening to Edge’s lies and got jealous. It comes out that Edge was snitches so Cross is really in a bind that he may not come out of.

    Apple was rescued from the brothel by an unlikely source from the past and she returns looking like her old self.

    Chico wasn’t

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