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  1. “Cave of the Kobolds” by Robert Bevan is a short fantasy featuring Cooper and Julian, of unknown species, but we know Cooper has claws and is half Orc. Julian also carries with him his familiar, a raven known as Ravenus. Ravenus speaks elven, which Cooper does not understand. Not explained was a comment by Cooper that they are stuck in a “game called caverns and creatures”.

    They are planning to enter a network of tunnels that Cooper suspects could be home to some sort of creatures who have a hidd

  2. I liked this humorous short story. I used to play RPG fantasy games and so this struck a chord as I have “gone adventuring” with that very group or at least similar. This is a short story which probably appeals mostly to those who play or have played fantasy roleplay games such as “Dungeons and Dragons” or “Warhammer.” Some of the references may not make that much sense otherwise however for someone who has experience of such games I found it funny; “He couldn’t have been any louder if the floor

  3. For fans of the characters in the full length novel ‘Critical Failures’, this is a novelette set in the same world. To fully understand the setting, it’s better to read the novel first, but it probably works fine on its own. The idea is that a group of friends have become trapped in a real version of the roleplaying game ‘Caverns and Creatures’. This story features three of my favourite characters from the book, Cooper the orc barbarian, Julian the elf sorcerer and Ravenus the… erm… raven. T

  4. I’ve had a few of Bevan’s releases on my kindle for a while, and looking for something short, I turned to “Cave of the Kobolds” to satisfy me. As a former D&D player (Believe me, I’d still be playing if there were still people around.), I found the experience reading this all too familiar. Bevan’s writing style is a fantastic integration of real world dialogue with game play descriptions and actions. It’s a breath of fresh air, a break from the usual fantasy epics. “Cave of the Kobolds” is f

  5. ‘Cave of the Kobolds’ is a short story featuring a couple of the characters from Bevan’s novel about a group of geeks who get stuck in a role playing game ‘Critical Failures’.

    This has the same awesome immature sense of humour as the novel and other short stories, so naturally I loved it! Cooper and Julian are off into a cave with Ravenus, looking to steal treasure from some strange creatures. What follows is an amusing mini-adventure with a nice bit of bromance on the side!

    I highly recommend all

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