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  1. I like it! I’ve been out of the romantic suspense loop. Humans just don’t do it for me these days, LOL. But the description for Caught in the Act snagged me. Kari Strauss crosses from San Diego into Tijuana every week to pick up arts and crafts for her boutique. She’s sweating buckets and carrying illegal cargo when she meets Officer Adam Cortez stationed at the border.

    I loved Caught in the Act! Unexpected gem Jill Sorenson packs readable prose, a streamlined narrative, suspense, and spicy roma

  2. Rating 3.5
    I was interested more in Maria the illegal the heroine smuggled and Ian, the hero’s best friend, DEA undercover agent and the officer who found Maria raped and beaten four years ago when she tried to come to the US. I wanted a complete story for them instead we were left with Maria leaving and Ian hopefully going after her, I hope we get a story about this later, even a novella will do. I liked Ian he was pretending to be a junkie and had grown up with a junkie mother, I saw a lot of t

  3. “Do you ever get tired of saving people?”

    “Someone saved me once,” she reminded him.

    Czech Republic born Kari Strauss has faced her share of adversity and loss; however she does not let the past define her. Owner of a successful Arts and Crafts boutique, Zolcalo, she travels over the Mexican Border from California purchasing one of a kind Latin American crafts to sell in her store. Kari does most of her buying from Maria, a woman she befriended in La Buffadora. Working two jobs and making poverty

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    After reading Sorenson’s The Edge of Night last year, I was impressed by her writing, her characters, and her ability to occasionally have me rooting for the bad guys. I was blown away by how much I enjoyed that book, and I am happy to say that Caught in the Act is just as wonderful.

    Kari is all alone in the world except for her drug addict sister who is hooked up with a drug kingpin. All Kari wants is to run her store and get

  5. 2/5; 2 stars; C-

    I considered giving this three stars because the writing was good. The sentence structure, the pacing, the language was perfectly fine. I just about abandoned it because the character Kari started out in TSTL territory and never really managed make her way out. Very aggravating to see a main character make stupid choice after stupid choice. While everyone was moaning about Sasha needing to get into rehab they should have been pushing Kari into treatment. She needed help.

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