5 thoughts on “Cat Tales (Jane Yellowrock, #3.5)

  1. I somehow skipped this collection of short stories as I read though the Jane Yellowrock series. I was still able to enjoy the stories now, as three of the four are prequels anyway.

    The Early Years – I’ll admit, I have wondered what it was like for Jane to consciously shift into her Beast for the first time. After all, from the time she was 12 until she was 18, she had no idea what she was. She suppressed the voice of Beast in her head. She had no memory of her life Before.

    This story follows Jane

  2. Enjoyed the introduction to Faith Hunter as an author and Jane Yellowrock. The Amazon reviews had me not sure if reading this as my 1st book was a good idea but it has me interested in checking out the series. I suspect I will want to reread some of the shorts as I get to the parts of the full series they fit into as they will make more sense. An enjoyable read, interesting characters, interesting world building, glad to have come across this during my recent urban fantasy research.

  3. If you’re familiar with the world of Jane Yellowrock then these short stories will more than please. If you haven’t read any of the Jane Yellowrock stories then these are a good place to start although I think you’ll enjoy them so much more if you actaully read the series and honestly if you like Urban Fantasy in any form then you owe it to yourself to read the Jane Yellowrock series. In Cat’s Tales we’re introduced to four stories that not only add to our knowledge and enjoyment of Jane but are

  4. Loved, loved the four short stories. Two of which I had read before, but re-read along with two new ones from Faith Hunter. Jane Yellowrock has to be one of my all time favorite series’ and anything that gets me to North Carolina, riding along on Jane’s Harley, in my mind is an excellent and all around good time. I got a much deeper understanding of Jane when she was just starting out at a tender age fresh from the home for children in the first story. The last story also gave me an insight into

  5. Short stories… I just love short stories. They add content and perspective to the series. First we explore how Jane Yellowrock discovers her lost home and how beast is able to escape the mind cage Jane forced her into. The second story explores how Rick LaFleur ended up with those tattoos. The third story allows us to see how Molly Everhart and Jane became the friends they are now. The fourth story allows us to see how Rick’s life transforms after surviving the weres. A taste of Raven Cursed i

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