3 thoughts on “[ C. ] An MLP Stamp Stories Anthology

  1. These are the sleep-deprived visions of the wavering line of the horizon, the shifting reality of the false awakening after a dream where you are paralyzed and find you still cannot move after waking. These minimally worded stories tear and rend chunks of your soul leaving only the gristle and drops of blood on your subconscious.

    The authors’ untitled stories that will remain with me the longest are as follows:

    James Tadd Adcox, Jesse Ball, Matt Bell, Michael Bible, Harold Bowe, J. Bradley, Roxann

  2. I’m thinking the main criticism with this book is all the white space, but hey–these are STAMP-SIZE stories after all! And the editors have done a great job finding stories that go much deeper and are more intriguing than stories this size usually are. Just think how annoying it would be if the book was actually as small as a postage stamp!
    A star-studded expo of small press greats, some of my favorite stories were by Michael Bible, Melissa Broder, Jimmy Chen, Barry Graham, Drew Kalbach, Robert

  3. The editors’ stamp-sized premise:

    An idea, yes, begat a pro-
    ject. & it shall be called
    Stamp Stories. & it shall
    go forth tucked in enve-
    lopes & spines. Authored
    by 100 & distributed by
    40, it shall rise. & it shall
    be the cause of great chok-
    ing. & it shall breed & be
    found regurgitated.

    My stamp-sized review:

    An interesting endeavor
    to be sure, with many a
    possibility for light-
    bearing, image-tearing,
    rimenting. In the end I
    found myself wishing for

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