5 thoughts on “Buyer Beware (Alo Nudger, #1)

  1. A man hires Alo Nudger to retrieve the daughter his ex-wife absconded to Florida with. Nudger finds the daughter and winds up tied up in another case entirely, a case involving her mother, a millionaire’s missing daughter, and the mysterious deaths of businessmen all over the country. Can Nudger find the millionaire’s missing daughter or is it already too late?

    Over the last six months or so, I’ve been exercising more retraint than usual in regard to buying books. Unfortunately, I had a hankering

  2. I am done with 1970s crime thrillers. And, I need a two hour refund to my life pot. Ross Macdonald and Lawrence Sanders do it better.

    Preposterous plot. The pudding, people, has been over-egged.

  3. RATING: 4.25

    It’s a pretty standard story being told by Gordon Clark, one that a PI specializing in recovering children has heard many times before. There’s been a divorce. At first the wife, Joan, followed the visitation procedures as laid out by the court. But now she’s not allowing Gordon to see their 7-year-old daughter, Melissa. Joan Clark is the daughter of a well-to-do plastics manufacturer by the name of Carlon and currently residing in Florida with another man. Melissa was not to be remo

  4. Buyer Beware is book 1 of the Alo Nudger series. In books 2, 3, and 4, Nudger is an Everyman character with whom one can relate. He struggles to find self-respect in a vocation that is more a matter of circumstance than a calling. He constantly munches antacid tablets to calm a nervous stomach that reacts to his ex-wife’s demands for past-due alimony, to crime scenes, and to impending danger. Alo is a quiet plodder who side steps the obstacles in his way. He is a hero for battling past his fear

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