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  1. Bugs In The System: Insects And Their Impact On Human Affairs by May R. Berenbaum is a fantastic guide to the world of insects. Not only does it introduce basics of insect biology and behavior, it also delves into the fascinating world of cultural entomology and their impact on humans. It’s a great overview on the world of insects that anyone can appreciate.

    Bugs In The System: Insects And Their Impact On Human Affairs
    May R. Berenbaum
    Helix Books

    Excerpt from a book review posted on The Metropo

  2. Written with considerable verve and a sly sense of humor, Berenbaum’s book appeals to a wide range of audiences — but it’s authoritative enough to be used in introductory entomology courses. The main slant is how insects have affected humans, and there are a number of unexpectedly fascinating ways that insects have had a major affect on civilization. Plagues and swarms of locusts aside, the economic and health costs of some pests is incalculable, while, on the other hand, the “good” bugs (polli

  3. From this list about bug books.

    “There are few human activities, no matter how simple or complex, that don’t relate to insects. Even the invention of the computer owes its origins to Bombyx mori, the domestic silkworm. Silk is of course a product of salivary secretions of Bombyx mori. Herman Hollerith devised a punch card system for coding data to conduct a census in the late 19th century based on the punch cards used to work silk looms in US factories. [His innovations then became the foundation

  4. this is an okay book… good for someone curious about the impact that insects have on society and culture. More of a leisurely read for the entomologically-inclined

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