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  1. I just finished reading Bubba and the Mysterious Murder Note by C. L. Bevill. Will Pegramville ever be the same again? Will Bubba Snoddy get through one month without finding a dead body? Will sheriff’s deputy Willodean Gray finally go on a first date with Bubba? Come along as we rejoin the quirky residents of Pegram County and learn the answers to all these questions. Come back and visit with Miz Demetrice, Bubba, Willodean, Big Joe and Sheriff John and all your favorite storybook denizens.
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  2. The Bubba Snoddy books thus far have been a romp and this is no exception. There’s a murder mystery festival and bodies are dropping left and right. Fortunately all but one (maybe, unless he was playing dead) are for the visitors all to solve (check out the terrible punny names the “dead” people have). But this book’s focus is on an old note that Bubba finds in a truck part box. Of course, a gentleman must heed this cry for help, even if the unfortunate soul is probably long ago dead.

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  3. Poor Bubba Snoddy – so it continues. Trouble with his truck and trouble with dead bodies….not to mention his mother Miz Demetrice. The brakes fail on his truck because he is so busy paying hospital bills, for the parking bolt that was stolen in Dallas and other costs associated with his last few adventures, that he hasn’t had time to maintain his old ’54 Chevy. Driving through Pegramville in a hurry to get home because the truck is making funny noises. He finds a traffic jam and a vehicle unex

  4. Bubba finds himself in the middle of the Pegramville Murder Mystery Festival. Unfortunately for him, in the midst of a bunch of simulated murders, Bubba stumbles on a real one. It hinges on a note that he found in a box containing a part for his truck. Will Bubba be able to convince the police that this is a real crime? Then, to make matters worse, Bubba finds a body in the middle of a public park. After reporting the crime, the body disappears. Poor Bubba.

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  5. Poor Bubba, his mother has organized a murder mystery festival in their small town to raise money for one of her charities, and guess who finds the first body that really is dead… So of course Bubba is being accused of being a murderer yet again, and in addition hes found a note in the box of an old auto part he bought to repair his ancient pickup truck. And somehow, he feels he must investigate this possible murder, even though it probably happened decades ago. So, as usual he has his hands f

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