4 thoughts on “Brothers on Life

  1. Brothers on Life was an excellent read. It was so heartwarming and poignant. This is not the type of book that I normally read, but decided to give it a try as I am a fan of Matt Czuchry and his work. This collection of stories truly made me want to meet him in person. He and his brother touched my heart by their words and also gave me the motivation to make some changes in my life. I know that seems like a tall order for a book, but it was so truthful and dare I say, real! Here are a couple of

  2. Brothers on Life is one of a few very personal books that I find relatable. In this journal-style book, Matt Czuchry, an actor, and his brother Mike Czuchry, a psychology professor, share the journey into human’s mind and soul through their personal reflections and childhood photographs. The poetries are eloquent, but honest and straightforward. There is something in their simple reflections on life that touches me, even though I am a completely different person than any of these brothers.


  3. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. A wonderful collection of poetry. Many of the poems are worth re-reading several times. “Beautiful” sums up this collection.

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