5 thoughts on “Bring Me Home (Shattered Hearts, #4)

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  2. 4 ‘I Love You’ STARS

    “It’s not our mistakes that define us. It’s the lessons we learn that show our true character.”

    Sometimes you forget how much you love someone, until you realize their smile is like a spotlight shined on your heart.

    In Bring Me Home, Claire was left with a very big decisions. After both Adam and Chris, put their hearts out there, she has to choose with whom she will stay with. I couldn’t wait to start this book and find out. I’ve got to say that I was extremely happy

  3. This book is about…. beautiful, painful, gut wrenching love…. the different kinds of love… old love, new love, a parents love, a child’s love, unselfish love the sacrifices we make for love…….. a belief, that in the end, love will find a way back to you….. ALWAYS…

    6 years ago Jackie, Chris’ mum, took Claire into her home and changed her life….. thank goodness there are people like Jackie in this world who foster children and give them the love and care they so need….

    The Love

  4. Ok let me start off by saying that I was disappointed that “my team” didn’t win the girl. I knew from the beginning how the book would play out and who would end up with who. I still enjoyed the book and the epilogues were a good treat. The book didn’t however have a whole lot of gut wrenching moments for me and I did not really feel an emotional connection to Claire and “her choice” I guess I am a bit torn with this book cause the writing was amazing and going into it I knew the possibility was

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