5 thoughts on “Bridget Fidget and The Most Perfect Pet

  1. Bridget Fidget wants a pet more than anything. She wants a particular kind of pet—a unicorn. She will name it Thunderhooves. When a large box is delivered, Bridget is ecstatic. Surely it is her unicorn. The large box contains a multitude of packing peanuts and a small box. Bridget adjusts her idea of the perfect pet to a mouse. But is a mouse really in the box?

    What I thought: Absolutely delightful. I couldn’t resist reading a book in which the main character shares my name. Bridget is just want

  2. I found this to be a fantastic read-aloud with kindergartners. They related to the idea of wanting a pet. The word choices build vocabulary, and there are action words that are fun to act out in the telling of the story. Best of all, it is not predictable. Fun, fun, fun. One that I will add to my repertoire.

  3. Totally great! Bridget Fidget wants a pet…a pet unicorn to be specific. She will call him Thunderhooves. Totally funny. Kids will laugh at what happens. Read this for storytime. Read this for bedtime. Read this over and over again!

  4. This book had me laughing in stitches and reminding me of when I was young. I always wanted something that I could not have, like Bridget wanting the pet unicorn, but that would never happen. So when I saw big boxes for Christmas or my birthday, I immediately thought it was something more extravagant than it really was. The whimsy aspect of this book is very appealing. All children have a crazy imagination but are also very creative when it comes to gifts that are not as exuberant. Often, childr

  5. We really enjoyed this one. The story’s pretty slight (Joe was disappointed in the “pet”) but the energy of the illustrations makes up for it. The illustrations reminded me of Eloise, which is never a bad thing.

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