5 thoughts on “Bridges to Heaven

  1. I enjoyed this book and especially its Author. Her writing is fresh and uncomplicated, even when she is talking about such complex issues as death, suffering and loss. She writes about unearthly things with a really funny down to earth attitude which really pleases me, as spiritualists do not make a difference between this and other, more subtle worlds, if it is not in our closed, preconceived minds. Loved it!

    Maria Carmo,

    Lisbon 7 October 2014.

  2. I received this copy as a FirstRead giveaway.
    This book was very well written, inspiring as well. My rating of 4 stars is not a reflection solely on the book. I wanted this book to help myself get some peace after my father passed away over 8 years ago, I was very excited when I started reading it, until I realized that I haven’t experienced any of the mentioned communication techniques. It made me sad, I had to put the book away for a week, while I tried the techniques outlined in Part 2 – witho

  3. Bridges to Heaven is a beautiful expression of truth and healing. Sue Frederick’s gentle yet powerful approach assists the reader in understanding death is a transition with a purpose. As an Intuitive Medium, I recognize the significance and importance of this book with its valuable insight and meaningful tools. ~ Shelly Wilson
    Intuitive Medium/Reiki Master/Spiritual Teacher

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