5 thoughts on “Bride for a Night

  1. 3.5 Stars, actually (Dear Goodreads: please allow half stars, some DO do things by half measures!)

    The premise of this book was refreshing; so often, Recency books seem to downplay the extreme classism that existed during this time period. Nobility and the untitled members of the ton really did look down on those whose money was recently gained by trade or commerce. Even those families that needed the infusion of cash and traded their good/titled/old names for money often considered themselves be

  2. I give up. I got about 69% through this book and I just couldn’t take it anymore. The book started well enough, but I just couldn’t make myself finish it. Gabriel was a total asshole. And Talia was a total idiot for wanting anything to do with said asshole. Their little escapade in France was a total bore. I mean seriously, how many times can they escape from the same guy. I finally gave up when it looked like Talia was going to be kidnapped for the third time. I rolled my eyes and skimmed throu

  3. Usually, an asshat hero is the kiss of death for any book, as far as I’m concerned. But somehow, this book managed to worm its way into my good graces despite the utter idiocy of its male lead for nearly half the story.

    Gabriel, the Earl of Ashcombe, was understandably angry when forced to marry a woman his brother jilted at the altar. In fact, he was sure Talia’s father planned it all that way from the beginning. And really, who would believe that Talia was ignorant of the whole plot? So he trea

  4. I’m renaming this book “poorly-timed conversations,” because that’s what it is. THE WHOLE BOOK. “Oh, I’m taking you hostage. Let’s discuss our feelings as we crawl through this tunnel. Oh, and BTW, I have a knife to your back.” “I’m here to rescue you! Lets talk about how much we missed each other, and THEN escape, thus ensuring that someone will catch us!” Idiots.

  5. Ehhh, what can I say. This book started out interesting, and I really felt for Talia in the beginning of the book. Needless to say, it went downhill from there. I made it halfway through before I realized I was reading just to get it over with and decided to quit.

    Talia and Gabriel met twice before the wedding and then once (briefly) on their wedding day. Then they had magical sexy time on their wedding night, and that was apparently enough to make them fall in love, even though Gabriel shipped T

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