5 thoughts on “Bound (For His Desire Book 1)

  1. Elena had a blind date, and what a blind date it turned out to be! Turned on would be a better description. Michael was a handsome, intelligent, businessman that takes complete control of Elena on the first date and then again on the second date. The control is written with a sexy edge that draws the reader into the story and makes you wish you could be there with Michael and send Elena home. This story sizzles with anticipation, edgy hot sex and an alpha male in complete control. I hope you wil

  2. This was a quick and steamy read. Elena goes on a blind date with Michael and they end up at his place. There isn’t much except the steamy sex scenes. It is hard to believe that one can give a level of trust to someone they just met on a blind date but no one said it was real life. Should be interesting though to see the story develops.

  3. Michael and Elena have a hot and heavy first ‘blind’ date. Not bad, but not something I’d read again

    I don’t care how ‘connected’ you are to someone. You would NEVER let someone you’ve met twice tie you up ( including your hands) and put you in the deep end of a pool!! Fair enough he didn’t let her go, but SERIOUSLY COME ON!!!

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