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  1. I picked-up this book because I really enjoy the radio show from the 40s of the same name. This book picks-up where the radio show ends (before the TV series, which I had no idea existed until a friend told me). It is really great to see the same characters again as well as have them placed in clever situations that were highly enjoyable to read. I didn’t have much hope for this book when I started, but was pleasantly surprised after the first couple of chapters. This is a collection of short st

  2. It’s a bit dated, having been originally published in 1919; but it is a good read nonetheless. Boston Blackie is a gentleman crook who lives by a straight code of life, which is good and honorable (but not necessarily lawful). Even in the midst of the most difficult circumstances, Blackie is true to his code.
    Originally a series of short stories, it was pulled together into a single volume that flows fairly well. I would especially recommend it to Old Time Radio Mystery fans and those who enjoye

  3. Boston Blackie is presented as a larger-than-life criminal mastermind with a conscience, a modern era Robin Hood only without the giving to the poor part. Blackie has a personal code of conduct that he follows to the letter, but in one of the stories he tricks a woman who is about to leave her husband into a reconciliation with same, but he suffers not a bit of remorse for lifting from her the heirloom jewels in her possession. That being said, the stories are well written and entertaining. It i

  4. Boston Blackie by Jack Boyle (New York: H.K. Fly Co., 1919)

    Jack Boyle was an ex-convict who wrote about a master thief.

    This book collects seven stories published in magazines from 1914 on. It’s available for download from online sources such as Munseys, and used hard copies show up in various places; maybe these versions derive from a 1979 reprint by Gregg Press. There is a website (http://jackboylefan.wordpress.com) that goes into the history of the author and his other work.

    Boyle wrote in a s

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