5 thoughts on “Born of the Shadows (Rebel Angels, #1)

  1. The most enthralling, “Angelic” version of the existence and fate of those beautifully mysterious creatures of light and glory who are blessed to be one of the highest servants of the Creator. Man’s existence and world here on earth is interwoven into the fate of some very specific angels in this story which is the first in the “Rebel Angels” series by Cyndi Friberg. Be prepared because Cyndi’s angels will leave you feeling anything but holy! These angels are definitely glorious in more ways tha

  2. Who knew angels could be so naughty? Well, perhaps Gideon wasn’t quite and angel anymore, but he wasn’t quite Fallen either. Due to his own rebelliousness, Gideon was sent out of Heaven to live among man and is cursed by his own rebellious spirit. Naomi is an innocent in every way, and Gideon seeks to use her to get revenge on one of the angels involved in his punishment. But fate has other plans, and soon Gideon begins to lose his heart to the sweet woman he once sought to ruin. I love Cindi Fr

  3. Rebel Angels #1

    I am a huge paranormal fan and I am always interested in new stories of Angels.

    In this first book of Rebel Angels series Cyndi Friberg gives the reader everything, some mystery, suspense, romance, hot steamy sex, and a dash of redemption as well.
    This is a story of one Angel’s inner struggle with Light and Dark or Good and Evil. Which will he embrace for all time?
    As a rebel Gideon is sent to earth among the humans to learn his lessons and to make a choice. In his quest to to anno

  4. This book was a good read if you like hot love scenes and good verses evil. I did find myself skimming over many pages of the love scenes as they felt over done and elongated. While the setting was historical it never bothered me whether the author was entirely true to history or not, as many fantasy novels can create their own laws and settings as long as they don’t go out of bounds for the world of the characters.

    Who knows, I am pick up another novel by the author. I’m definitely intrigued by

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