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  1. Mary Tillman is not a writer by nature, she was a school teacher who gave birth to three glorious sons. One who became the Pac-10 Defensiver Player of the Year in 1997 as well as set the Arizona Cardinals record for tackles in a seaon with 224. This incredible athlete was aSafety in the NFL, all of 5’11’ and a little over 200 pounds dripping wet. He made the ultimate sacrifice to serve our country when he had everything most of us would ever want. A beautifuly family and a job that paid him to p

  2. I read this book because I had some unanswered questions after reading Jon Krakauer’s book “Where Men Win Glory: The Odyssey of Pat Tillman”. Most of these questions were of a personal nature, so this book, written by Pat’s mother, was the perfect way to answer those questions. Yes, she did answer them for me as well as told her side of the story.

    This book is not a literary piece. It is more like the journal of a grieving mother-bear who has lost her cub in an unjust way and seeks justice for hi

  3. Very sad episode in our history both relative to the Tillman family and what it reveals about our military and political leaders (in this case Bush, Rumsfeld and crew). The material gets a bit dry and repetitive in places, but overall all the military jargon is made very tolerable.
    An important book in terms of revealing the difference between honest, well-meaning patriotism versus the vacuous jingoism we see everyday. Can’t help but love this family.

  4. An amazing book. Very emotional. An excellent example of why no organization (especially the US military) should be allowed to investigate itself. From incompetence to criminal negligence to a cover-up conspiracy, this book exposes the moral vacuum that was the Bush administration and its military leadership.

    Also recommend Jon Krakauer’s Where Men Win Glory on the same subject.

  5. This was a hard audiobook to listen to and tears were falling less than 10 minutes in to this tribute to Pat Tillman, and never stopped. I actually had to take a break from it for a while and listen to something a little lighter. I will not taint his spirit by talking about the injustice that this family went through and the politics behind his murder, but my heart breaks for the Tillman family and for all the world. Pat Tillman was a man who would have made a positive difference and who would h

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