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  1. I was a fan of the first 6 books when they were written more than 10 years ago. I was about 11 then. You can probably imagine my shock when I, now 23, discovered that John Peel had resumed the series in 2005. I was so excited to see what new adventures the kids would experience but…I have to say I feel let down. The whole feel is completely different from the original 6. This is understandable since so much time has passed between books and it’s to be expected that a writer’s style would chang

  2. Out of the entire series with score, and my favorite friends my favorite book would have to be this one. Sort of reminded me of harry potter and the goblet of fire with the appeal of a sense of cheer and enlightenment after so much darkness and fear and stress these characters had gone through it was nice to finally see them in a lighter note. A place where i personally would like to be in (the medieval era) where there were knights and queens, and just learning to battle and be a rebel, i truly

  3. My daughter and I were reading this series 18 years ago. I guess that’s why we didn’t get past #6 – it hadn’t been published and purchased by the library. √Énd then it got forgotten about! Then 8 years ago I started on Goodreads, came across the series again and put this one onto my to-read list. Now I’m doing a Languishing Literature Challenge each year I’m slowly working my way through, and was delighted to have this come up.

    Three children in their early teens, from different worlds, have been

  4. Diadem #7: Book of War, by John Peel

    In “Book of War,” it’s Helaine’s turn to return to her home planet of Ordin. After having escaped an arranged marriage on a Medieval Ages era world, Helaine Votrin suffered from the guilt of abandoning her family and her duty. Score and Pixel accompany her back home, and naturally the three pop into a dangerous situation: Votrin castle is under siege; war is imminent.

    Feeling even guiltier now for leaving, Helaine is determined to do what she can to resolve th

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