5 thoughts on “Blood Calls (The Calling #6)

  1. This is book 6 of the Calling series by Caridad Pineiro. The writing reminds me of Lynsay Sands’ Argeneau Series: tame, accessible, romantic, sweet. It was a fun and fast read, and it didn’t seem to matter that I read the book out of order. It’s also refreshing to see so many Spanish and Hispanic characters in positive roles.

    Diego Rivera is a 500 year old vampire who holds onto his humanity through the arts – he’s a gallery owner and he takes pride in nurturing talent. He lost his love of the pa

  2. Diego has lived for five centuries but has never met anyone quite like Ramona. He is very wealthy and has taken to being a patron of the arts, not only does he have a gallery he is also Ramona’s patron. There had to be some way for him to give something back.

    Diego has sworn never to turn another into a vampire after seeing what it cost others. When he learns the woman he thinks he might be falling in love with, or is trying to stop himself from doing so, is dying he finds himself in a real quand

  3. And I follow up a werewolf book with a vampire. How appropriate, ironic, and fitting.

    I have read most of Caridad Pineiro’s The Calling series. I have been waiting since book three, I think, for Diego’s book, and now I’ve read it.

    Diego Rivera is old, powerful and incredibly wealthy. That’s not just because he’s a vampire. He’s always had money. When he was mortal, in his “youth”, he let that make him a wasteful, unappreciative man. After his turning, he used it to change the lives of others arou

  4. This is about a vampire that falls in love with an artist who is dying and also supporting her ailing mother (that we never meet in the story). It was just a quick read and did not really have any depth to it.

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