5 thoughts on “Black Rose

  1. I have a hard time categorizing this book. First, I thought it was romance; then I thought it might be chick-lit. I have finished it and am still not sure.

    While it was obvious that the author is not American, I did not find it difficult to relate to the characters because of it. I was able to read through the differences of spelling and jargon that are likely common to many Austrailians.

    While overall, the writing was pretty good, I was disappointed in several ways. (1) Having never been to Aust

  2. First thoughts? The author wasnt born in the us, or doesnt live here. There were words that didnt make sense, you can guess what she means but its like its in slang. I will go back and give an example when i can get on my computer. Besides that i actually liked the book. The story was different and the main character, angela summers, is a hoot! Im pretty sure the mental comitary (spelling?) Was something i would think. Vince sounds desidedly yummy, even with the emotional baggage from his past.

  3. When I read this at first I thought someone had plagiarized The Dream Spell by Emma Daniels because they’re pretty much the same except thirds one doesn’t have magic in it. I was shocked when I saw they were by the same person. I didn’t like the dream spell either.

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