5 thoughts on “Big Panda, Little Panda

  1. This is an adorable book about how becoming a big sibling can be a scary thing because you’re not the only child anymore, but also how rewarding it can be to be able to bond with a new member of the family and also how precious quality time is with your parents. Told through the eyes of a young panda whose mother has a new baby, I found this book to be super relatable to any child how has younger siblings, or even perhaps has a new blended family. I think this book has important themes of change

  2. This will probably be great for helping a child adjust to a new baby. Little Panda has to adjust in this story to all of a sudden (to him it was suddenly) becoming Big Panda. He relishes helping his Mom and even with the help he gives his Mom is exhausted, much like any Mom, new or old, can relate.
    Big Panda realizes that he isn’t much liking being such a Big Panda so he trades spots with Little Panda. He sticks Little Panda in his big bed and squeezes in Little Panda’s bed.
    The ending is especia

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