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    Can you guess why I requested this from *Netgalley? Yup, cats. For those who do not know my son
    is obsessed with cats. I think he almost wishes he were a cat. So I knew that even if he didn’t want me to read to him all I would have to do is mention it is a cat book to get him on board the reading train.

    Big Cat, Small Cat is a fairly simple rhyming book. All different kinds of cats from ones in cages to ones with colds.

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  2. I’m not crazy about the illustration style of this book of opposites featuring cats, but what I do really like is that when the child is supposed to guess the answer, the answer is NOT written on the page. It’s truly a guess. You have your rhyming hints, but it makes a better read-aloud flow as well as a true guessing book.

  3. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

    Big Cat, Small Cat is a cute little book with plenty of room for child interaction. I appreciated the pages that trailed off, prompting the child to contribute the rhyming (and opposite) word to finish the sentence. I think this story is a great way to add interaction during story time.

    The only thing I didn’t like is all of the cats are a bit on the creepy looking side. I think this story could have benefited from more realistic lo

  4. Category: Hardcover (Hebrew)

    Hebrew title: חתול גדול, חתול קטן

    Age: 1-3+ years

    Synopsis: Ami Rubinger is a prolific, imaginative Israeli author and illustrator of children’s picture books. His picture books feature whimsical and delightfully absurd stories and illustrations. The books also have reoccurring characters. “Big Cat, Small Cat” is a rhyming book about opposites, in which various cats are labeled by their type (small vs. big, tall vs. short, etc.).

    Bilingual benefit: This book is availa

  5. This is a wonderful book full of rhyming and opposites. It gives some unique words like petite that provide an opportunity for discussion with children. It also has open sentences so that the children can fill in the blanks with the correct rhyming word using story and picture clues. What a great way to teach parents how to read with their child.

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