2 thoughts on “Beyond Rules

  1. “Think for yourself” — yes yes yes!!

    My natural tendency is to do as I’m told. I need all the help I can get breaking out of the expected. Living on autopilot is easy but not satisfying–a waste of life.

    In the first two days of owning this book, I broke the rules by:
    – extracting the text of this book and printing in a paper-saving format (sorry, Fabian, your layout was beautiful, but the last thing I need is more screen time! and your way would have killed a LOT of trees).
    – walking to the cr

  2. This book offers a clear message about the incredible freedom it is possible for us all to enjoy, delivered in the tone of your wise-cracking — but very wise — best friend.

    It’s all about becoming self aware, understanding your own values and desires, and then acting them — unfettered by the weight of society’s rules. There is no selfishness here, however. Kruse offers a vision of a personal world transformed joyously, with the expectation that each person behaves kindly to others.

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