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  1. Summary
    In her autobiography, singer Melinda Doolittle shares her inspirational journey from tone-deaf child with a dream, to American Idol finalist and critically acclaimed recording artist. Her story unfolds within the context of life lessons she learned from her mother; how to conquer fear, how to set systematic and achievable goals, and the virtue of patience, among many others. Each chapter in the book applies one of these principles to obstacles that she faced in her musical journey, from j

  2. This book is full of humorous life lessons that led to Melinda’s success in the music business and on American Idol. The Rule of Three which entails saying three nice things about someone before you criticize them is a wonderful practice that we would all do well to emulate. “Dream Big” and “Do It Afraid” are some of my other favorite pearls of wisdom garnered from this book. Makes a great gift!

  3. What to say about this book? Melinda’s heart is every bit as big as her talent, and this isn’t just the story of how she broke into the business. It’s a story of persistence, faith, and hope. It’s a story about dreaming big and then working hard to make those dreams come true. From her personal triumphs to her idea of creating a “faith wall” as motivation, Melinda doesn’t just encourage. She inspires. This whole book is uplifting and promise-filled, because that’s who Melinda is. She changes liv

  4. Sweet and inspired by her Christian faith, Melinda holds the reader’s hand as she time travels through her life leading up to and including her time on “American Idol”. For an atheist, like myself, her words still give strong messages and advice on how to boost one’s self-esteem.

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