5 thoughts on “Best Stories of the American West, Volume I

  1. Good collection of stories.

    One I liked was “Sudden Death, Over Time.” Story about a man and wife putting in postholes together, but mostly about the man and his memory, and his peace at his life and how his choices have worked out. “One of the problems with leaving the academy and moving back to the place you were raised is that your self slides back to a time before it had tenure.” And the ending is nice, “It’s probably good – for the sake of my birthday celebration – that Angel’s staked out a

  2. There are some very strong short stories from multiple viewpoints that is that multicultural caldron, the American West. My favorite was Confession for Raymond Good Bird by Melanie Rae Thon. I couldn’t get through the Elmer Leonard, yea, I know, he’s a great story-teller, but I never have been able to get into his work.

  3. Great book, but I felt a little deceived by the title. I expected classic Westerns, after all Elmer Kelton and Elmore Leonard are listed on the cover. There’s a cowboy on a horse for crying out loud. What I got was stories that were all over the place. Probably 85% were set in this century, many in the last couple of decades. To make matters worse, some of them were set in urban locations. So, if you’re looking for what I consider Western’s, you’ll be disappointed. The saving grace is that the s

  4. I read excerpts from this compilation for a class on literature and the American West in fall 2008, eventually writing a paper on John Sayles’s short story “Dillinger in Hollywood.” The stories in this book are freaking amazing. I came to tears several times. If you want to know what the western has become, look no further.

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