5 thoughts on “Being Helpful

  1. I expected something else from this. I think a better title might be “Let’s Talk About Responsibilities” or something like that. I think of being helpful as going out of your way to make life easier for others. While taking care of your responsibilities will make life easier for others, it really is the bare minimum. Being helpful is going above and beyond, I think. At least, that’s how I think of it when it comes to children.

  2. Such a great book for kids and adults to read together!! Joy Berry has a wonderful way of bringing things to a kids level to help them understand things better. Sometimes as an adult we forget kids see and process the world differently than us.

    Beautifully illustrated to help kids pay attention while learning valuable life lessons!

    This series is wonderful for any home or classroom! I want them for he community center where I work!! I am also thrilled they are being made available as ebooks!!

  3. Today I’ve read several Joy Berry books & found them to be brilliant books for children. They are written in a childs point of view explaining various topics. In this book the topic is “Being Helpful” and it explains to a young child the reason for and benefits of “Being Helpful”. I have been pleasantly inspired & surprised by these books.

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