5 thoughts on “Before You Go

  1. Excellent book for anyone considering a short term mission trip. It’s full of sensible advice for both personal and team preparation, covering cultural, practical and spiritual issues. I found the final chapter on ‘Re-entry’ personally very useful. There is often little thought given as to how you will feel when you return home, especially if you have visited areas of enormous poverty and need. This book redressed the balance for me. It is best used as intended, as a forty day devotional.

  2. This book is a wonderful way to prepare for a short-term mission trip. I plan to read it each time I plan a trip because the advice and Biblical focus is very helpful. Be sure to start it 40 days “Before You Go” so you can be thoughtful and not feel rushed to just read it. The book has also encouraged me devote days to fasting and prayer as part of my preparations…something I’ve never done before, but found to be a powerful experience. Highly recommended.

  3. Picked this out for a team read before going to Haiti on a missions trip. I was the team leader and we had a few first time mission trip members. This book was a wonderful tool to prepare your mind and heart before leaving, whether it be overseas trips or stateside. Each days devotional are short and not intimidating. Everyone in our group completed it easily. I plan on using it again.

  4. Best book to prepare a person for a short term mission trip. I really liked this book. The emphasis was preparing the heart but there was a lot of examples in this 40 day devotional about spiritual maturity, cultural awareness, team unity, expectations, the sovereignty of God, being available.

    Lots of things to review and ponder.

    Nothing but thumbs up from me!

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