5 thoughts on “Bedtime Peekaboo!

  1. This book is Not For Us. It doesn’t fit our style or bedtime routine.

    The good:
    *Babies of all different skin tones appear in the book.
    *Lots of different textures, including some yarn hair on a doll.
    *Big, easy-to-open flaps.

    The bad:
    *Bedtime is not now, nor will it ever be, 7 pm at our house.
    *Some of the textures are just some stars or eyes that are sparkly paper. There’s not much difference between these and the rest of the page.
    *The paper edges around the other textures are sharp and unpleasant.

  2. Bedtime Peekaboo! is my kind of children’s board book: charming, whimsical, builds suspense! I can feel my 18th month old daughter’s little body tensing in anticipation with the turn of each page, each flap lifted: who will be behind the striped curtain? Peekaboo! The friendly tiger with the shiny eyes encourages the tyke to turn out the lights and get into bed. Where is the cuddly pig? Is she behind the cushion? Lift the flap, and my daughter reaches out to pet the soft furry tummy of the pig.

  3. I hate this book but my 10-month-old loves, loves, loves both the peek-a-boo flaps (quite sturdy) and the pictures of babies. The consistent format of flap on the right and baby on the left is nice for him, and he knows what to look for on each page.

    I’m condemned to read this nightly and Baby makes his opinions known if I try to read him anything else.

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